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Our Office

We are a single location small business that was started by a Massage Therapist with a passion. Here we use 100% Certified Organic oils and lotions with all our services. If we can't find an organic version of a product we make sure it is at least all natural or eco friendly.


People are reading labels and asking more questions about what’s in the food they eat, and the personal products they and their family use. The largest organ the body has is the skin. Everything we touch and use on our bodies gets assimilated through the skin. So over time we take in a lot of chemicals, including petroleum products. These chemicals accumulate over the years and we that are body workers are in the business of keeping you in good health.

All our Massage Therapists are NC licensed and selected by the owner. Most of our Massage therapists have 6+ years experience. 

Our atmosphere is laid back with no pushy sales pitches, contracts or memberships. Simply pay as you go.

Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapy Establishment License # 292

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